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Dicota Eco Sleeve BASE 10-11.6" - detail

SkupinaDicota brašny na notebooky
Cena bez DPH11.86 EUR357.29 SKK
Cena s DPH14.23 EUR428.75 SKK
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Záruka5 rok(y)
Status - V cenníku
Stránka výrobcahttps://www.dicota.com/en/laptop-sleeve-eco-base-10-11-6.html
Dicota Eco Sleeve BASE 10-11.6"
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   Počítačové príslušenstvo
      Príslušenstvo PC/Notebooky
         Batohy, tašky, púzdra a tašky na notebook
Popis produktu
Today's actions shape tomorrow's world. Which is why, here at DICOTA, we are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly solutions and therefore make all the items in our ECO collections out of sustainable, recycled PET. We reuse up to 36 PET bottles, so you will receive an environmentally friendly product with a life-long guarantee. Our PET products also have the quality, look and finish that you know and love.

Skin BASE is made from elastic polyester and provides optimum protection against scratches and minor damage. The particularly lightweight cover is suitable for space-saving transport of your laptop in a backpack, suitcase, bag or simply in your hand. A further plus point: the zip is equipped with extra protection on the inside to prevent scratches to the laptop.

Guarantees optimum protection against scratches and minor damage
Zip is equipped with an extra protection on the inside to avoid scratches to the notebook
Lightweight design
Made from 2 recycled PET bottles

Color black
Material 300Dx300D rPET
Max. Device Measurements (mm) 300 x 0.3 x 205 mm
Product Measurements (mm) 320 x 25 x 220 mm
Weight 0.09 kg
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